The COVID Resource Bot Project

Retweeting tweets that list or mention resources and contacts for people in India.

✨ About

The bot reshares all the tweets containing information about COVID resources that might be useful to COVID patients and their relatives.

The bot aims to collect all the information at one place as it is tweeted and maintain a timeline for every user to access freely.

📝 More Resources

Below is a list of manually verified resources maintained by other people. If you find that something is wrong or want to suggest more links, please contact me.

👋🏼 Information

The bot is written in Python-3 and uses the Tweepy library. It is hosted on servers provided by

The bot is open source and you can view the code and relevant FAQs by clicking the button below:

🍺 Supporters

These are the awesome people who donated so that the servers could be kept running <3

Anjali SinghDennis Johnson
Isha BirlaNikhil Kumar Kuppa
Oojal KourPraneeth Ratnagiri
sid (@oldmonkbrownies)Supriya Nickam
Revanth Kumar ReddyRitwika Sarkar
Rutanjit MandrekarYash Saraf

You can donate and become a supporter too!

or just use mayur072000@oksbi to donate using UPI

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